” To satisfy the different palates of our multi-racial community, we provide a variety of food choices ranging from halal to vegetarian and non-vegetarian for any occasions and events. We cater for both outdoor and indoor events.”



Every one of us has lots of memorable occasion and milestones worth celebrated for in our life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and family reunions. And we are proud to be part of such joyous journeys and are certainly readied to walk down the memory lane with you.

Birthday Party

Every birth is a miracle! Hence, celebrating the birth of all your loved ones is something that should never be overlooked! What’s more, having a birthday party for your children make their growing-up years fun-filled with fond memories that they will treasure forever.

Wedding Dinner

A marriage is more than placing your signatures on a certificate. It is a ceremony that signifies the promise of a couple to share their lives as soul-mates, making it an important occasion to celebrate and remember!

Family Reunion

There goes the saying ‘blood is thicker than water which signifies that family relationships and loyalties are the strongest and most important ones. Hence, celebrating special occasion with your beloved family members and relatives will certainly strengthen your family ties!



Annual Meetings

From the initial stage of booking a venue, confirming attendance of participants and selecting menu that suits the palate of all participants, make hosting an annual meeting a complicated task. Crystal Food can help you lightens up your workload by organising your annual meetings for you.

Company Annual Dinner

Company annual dinner is a channel of showing your appreciation towards your employees and clients who have rendered their supports that make your business successful. For this reason, Crystal Food Caterers can lend you a helping hand by offering them an enjoyable and fun-filled annual dinner where they are treated to a sumptuous and delicious cuisine.

Functions for VIPs

Providing your special VIP guests with a generous reception and hospitality would make sure that they feel comfortable while boosting your company’s reputation. Crystal Food Caterers can help to spice up the reception for your VIP guests through our excellent catering services. From booking of venue and setting to menu selection and waitering, we would ensure they are all well-taken care of, so that you could focus on entertaining your VIPs.

Whether you are owners of a small to medium-size business or a major corporation, eventually there will be special milestones that you are proud to tell others about, especially your employees and clients.


We believe an excellent catering service would enable your guests to indulge in pleasant memories during the celebration, making the occasion more memorable than it already is.



Contribution to the people in need is part of our responsibility in the society. Whether it is a fund-raising event for welfare purposes or other non-profitable events to help the people in need such as orphans, senior citizens, the disabled, and so forth, we can help you can make things smoother for you by handling the necessary preparation such as venue booking, food catering and setting up the dining areas.



From national to district governmental organisations, Crystal Food Caterers has years of experience dealing with these political associated functions or events where large crowd of guests from various backgrounds are served. We provide practical consultation on menu selection that will suits the sense of taste of such diverse group of guests.

Religious & Cultural


Our multi-racial and multi-cultural community allow us to experience a potpourri of different religious and cultural celebrations such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas. Delicious food of diverse varieties is a must-have during the celebration of such blissful occasion. Now, you can invite as many guests to your open house as you wish, without having to worry about the food and dining preparations as Crystal Food Caterers would make these arrangements for you!

We provide a variety of food choices ranging from halal to vegetarian and non-vegetarian for any occasions and events.